Who We Are

Our Mission

We ❤️ the developer community!

Nothing compares to the support, engagement, friendship and inclusiveness of the developer community. Our goal is to provide a place for developers at every level of their career to come together through a variety of meetups and conferences.

Our member groups span a wide range of technical disciplines. If you coordinate a developer group that you think would be a great fit, let us know!

DC Kotlin

Kotlin User Group for the DC area, including both frontend and backend developers.

DC Android

DC Android is a group of professional Android developers and designers in the DC Area. This meetup brings technical people together to know each other face to face, share experiences, and further our knowledge of the Android platform. From Phones to Tablets to Auto to Wear to TV to infinity and beyond!

Cloud DC

Welcome to the Cloud DC. Anything in ‘Cloud’ we will bring it for discussion. We will cover any technology that touches Cloud. We are open to suggestions and feedback.


The Google Developer Group (GDG-DC) is a developer group designed to discuss, discover and distribute Google technologies. This will cover Washington DC Capital Suburban area including Northern Virginia and Maryland.

DC Flutter

Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile , web, and desktop from a single codebase.


iOS enthusiasts come together every second Tuesday of the month to talk about all things iOS!!