Exciting News for Android Summit!

“Be together. Not the same.”

19 July 2021

Today, the DevCommunity.org team is announcing an exciting change to the Android Summit Conference and our tech conferencing strategy as a whole. While maintaining the tight-knit Android community feel, we will expand the “Android Summit” to now be part of a broader initiative we lovingly call “DevCommunity Summit” 🎉

The goal of this new conference is to combine everything that our community loved from the original Android Summit community and share it with other technology communities. We remain committed to the same community and learning mission that has always motivated everything we do. We remain incredibly honored by the trust you have placed in us by continuing to support and participate in this special community.

Some history: back in 2015, a small group of us set out to create an event that offered a safe and inclusive place for designers, testers and developers of all levels to come together, network and learn. We believe this was a success not only because of the careful planning and effort put in each year, but because of the amazing talent and support our speaker and attendee community continues to bring. Together, we have helped thousands of community members expand their network and skills; we have supported over 167 sessions; we have captured 121 videos on our YouTube Channel; and we have generated over $36,000 in direct financial support to Women Who Code.

We all built this together.

As we enter our 7th year, we believe the need for community will only continue to grow. We believe that by expanding the diversity of our learning experiences we will help to bring an even greater growth and networking opportunity to our speakers and attendees. As such, we are excited to announce that we are expanding our technology focus. Starting this year, we will expand the technology scope to offer tracks covering native Android and iOS as well as cross-platform technologies… bringing together “all the things” that power the experiences across the entire mobile ecosystem we know and love.

We couldn’t be more proud of our community, our team and this moment. Please join us in welcoming “DevCommunity Summit” and take a minute to read through our very first Android, iOS, and cross-platform Call For Speakers. As always, we encourage all members of the community of all backgrounds and experience to submit a talk, workshop or other idea.

❤️ Android Summit (now DevCommunity Summit) Team

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